Tuesday, September 10, 2013

4 New Fairy-Tangle™ Stamp Designs for Sweet Pea Stamps

Here's 4 new stamps being released - available for pre-order rubber stamps or available now as digi stamps. Yes, after much thought, I've agreed to release my designs as digi stamps with limited use angle policy (be sure to read before purchasing - it's on the Sweet Pea Stamps website).



  1. They are stunning beautiful as ever! Think I have to order them with Sweat pea myself, ´cause I can´t find a store in the Netherlands that sells them... Just love these! Inky greetings, Gerrina

  2. ¡PRECIOSO! Me encanta, me parece muy muy bonito, relajante e inspirador......

  3. this is an beautiful blog, i love the stamps , i made a few cards with the stamps and i wait till the new ones comes, i can't wait.
    i would show my cards on my blog so you can see them
    hope you like them

    greets ellen from holland and sorry for my bad english :)

    1. Thank you Ellene - what is the link to your blog? Would love to see what you've done :)

  4. Your fairy art is very pretty. I found you by doing an online search for fairy blogs. I just started one myself called Merry's Twisted Fairies, and am hoping to keep it up! Your persistence inspires me.

    Drop by and say "hello!"


    Merry Clingen